Why accept Bitcoin?

Are credit card companies cutting into your bottom line? Bitcoin is a better, less expensive way to accept payments. This means it can help save your business money.

Credit cards were designed in the 1950’s. Bitcoin is made for the Internet age! Bitcoin is a new payment option intended to offer even more flexibility for customers. Bitcoin is quickly becoming the favored form of payment for online stores as well as brick-and-mortar businesses because payments are fast, easy, and more secure. Bitcoin payments can be made easily from anywhere in the world, and offer reduced payment processing costs because payments don’t require a 3rd party. Plus, there are no chargebacks with Bitcoin, putting you back in control of your money. Be your own bank with Bitcoin!

Bitcoins are held in digital wallets, typically in an app on your phone, which uses QR code scanners to transfer bitcoin as quickly and easily as sending an email. With everything going digital, why not accept the world’s best known digital currency that travels with you on your mobile phone?