What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, who hoped to create a cryptocurrency that could reach a broader demographic than Bitcoin. In addition, he wanted to distance it from the controversial history behind Bitcoin, mainly its association with the Silk Road online drug marketplace.

Dogecoin Price Analysis for 6/5/2015 – Short Now But Maintain Stops

After bouncing off from the trendline support near 32.7 satoshis, Dogecoin has quickly marched towards the resistance of the trading range, which comes at around 41.3 satoshis. Since the major trend is still bearish, it is advised that market participants short the virtual currency as it nears the resistance level.

Dogecoin has surged more than 16 percent to 40.7 satoshis since yesterday.

Put A Doge On It – A song I wrote dedicated to all things Dogecoin (VIDEO)


PA-DOI [pa-doy]
Acronym: Put A Doge On It

1. To embark upon with great enthusiasm or vigor.
2. To kick ass. wrote dedicated to all things Dogecoin…


Put A Doge On It (PADOI)

My best friend the other day gave me a ring
he said, “what’s the deal with this Dogecoin thing?”
I said digital currency extraordinaire
if you’re goin’ to the moon you’ll need
some to get there

So put a doge on it
Put a doge on it
Such currency and mighty crypty
Put a doge on it
Put a doge on it
Put a …

The Crypto Bay

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Community Owned ASICS | DogeCoin News

A couple of people now have proposed an idea where the Dogecoin community would crowd fund a couple of ASIC mining rigs. Mining Dogecoin is becoming less and less profitable as the block rewards diminish and the value stagnates — this means we will probably see a reduced network hash rate which makes us less secure. Through the use of community sponsored ASICs, the community could take matters into its own hands and secure the network. This essentially removes some of the power from the miners and gives it to the community. Additionally, the mined coins would be used to …

Another Price Crash | DogeCoin News

Shibes may have experienced some slight turbulence during their flight to the moon when the price of Dogecoin took a brief dive to 84~ satoshi on some exchanges. Believe it or not, this dip in the price is actually largely irrelevant to Dogecoin. The National Australia Bank (NAB) announced recently they will be closing the accounts of customers who engage in cryptocurrency trading. Combine this with the growing Bitcoin concerns in China and you get a price plummet across the board.


As you can see, we are all feeling the effects. Fortunately, the fundamentals of Dogecoin and Bitcoin haven’t changed …

Cryptocurrency miners trek to Mount Savage eatery to spend Dogecoins

Iron Rail Diner first in area to accept computer earned currency

Article Originally By: Elaine Blaisdell Cumberland Times-News

MOUNT SAVAGE — The Iron Rail Diner is the only business in the area that is now accepting a cryptocurrency known as a Dogecoin.

The restaurant has been accepting Dogecoin since Friday and it wasn’t long before the word went viral and several cryptocurrency miners traveled to Mount Savage to spend their hard-earned Dogecoins, according to Iron Rail co-owner Terry Linn II. Linn thought locals might be attracted to the idea of Dogecoin since it’s a sponsor of NASCAR.

“The way I feel is …

Dogecoin Merged-Mining With Litecoin | DogeCoin News

Some concerned Shibes within the Dogecoin community have produced an image where Charlie Lee (coblee), the creator of Litecoin, proposed the idea of Dogecoin joining a “merged-mining” pact with Litecoin.

Merged mining essentially allows miners to mine more than one blockchain — in this case the miners would be mining both the Dogecoin and Litecoin blockchain at the same time. That is all it does. It has zero effect on inflation, the coin, difficulty, or the community. Merged mining pools the hash rate of all the miners which means the global hash rate for the two coins is now significantly …